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“When life spirals, remember to twirl.”

I am a mom of two, raising a globally disabled daughter with an ultra-rare neuro-degenerative disease.

I am a mom deeply involved in research with our non-profit.

I am also so much more than that. I am optimism, incarnate.

I fail, and succeed, every single day. I laugh a lot. This is my journey. 

About Me

Spinning positivity.

Hi! Thanks for visiting!

My life’s journey, a whirlwind of unexpected challenges and joyful triumphs, has inspired me to take what I love- writing, talking, creating- and use it to do what I love- inspire, motivate, and lift others up.  “Cartwheels in Chaos” is not just my story but, hopefully, a beacon of positivity for anyone facing life’s unpredictable storms.

My hope for you is that “Cartwheels in Chaos”, a reflection of my heart, soul, and life-lived finding joy and laughter in the face of hardship, helps highlight the little, and big, things to treasure, or simply smile about, in day-to-day life.

Navigating the complexities of our family’s diverse needs, including caring for both a daughter with global disabilities AND celiac disease, and creative, thoughtful, boisterous older brother has taught me the importance of adaptability, humor, and unyielding optimism.

Happenings in My World

Media, Speaking Engagements & Appearances

Articles, interviews, and more. Just a preview of the things I have to say. 🙂


Where we learn more about my story and some amazing change-makers whose positive and determined mindsets are changing the story as it is written.


 All things me! My inner-most thoughts about experiencing a life like ours.

Latest News

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UnravelingRare Podcast

December 07, 2023

Unravel Bio’s “UnravelingRare” podcast is amplifying the voice of patients to align drug discovery and increase clinical impact. In this episode of UnravelingRare, Eleni Pitsiniaga speaks with me about Cure AP-4 and the challenges and benefits of tackling four disorders simultaneously.


December 05, 2023

Partnership will generate clinical data from patients globally to accelerate identifying and developing therapeutics for AP-4 hereditary spastic paraplegias.

The Cure AP-4 Non-Profit

Kasey and her husband co-founded the Cure AP-4 non-profit organization in 2016 along with the parents of another daughter with this diagnoses. The purpose of this organization is to study and seek a cure for all AP-4-HSP disorders. We aim to improve the quality of life for children impacted by AP-4 HSP by accelerating the research for cures and treatments and providing support for patient therapies critical to their well-being and rehabilitation.